About Me and My Blog

This blog is written by Kenneth Kranendonk.  I am a teenager who is very interested in politics, especially Canadian.  Lately, I have been focusing on photography and the blog will focus on showing my photos. I will express my opinions on politics and other issues on this blog.  I may also post links of articles I find interesting and relevant to the current issues.  I hope this blog will give you some information on what is happening in Canada today.

And seeing not everyone likes politics I will also blog on other issues on my mind.  Comment on what you would like to see me blog about below.




5 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. Hi Kenneth,

    I’m wondering what made you choose wordpress as opposed to the more commonly used blogspot, and would you recommend it, or have you just stuck with it?

    Also, how did you track the stats that you posted recently re:4000 hits, and which blog directed how many hits, etc.

    I’m considering starting a blog of my own; if I do so, may I link to your’s?

    • I would definately recommend wordpress. I have opened a blogspot account to see what it is like and I pefer wordpress. It’s dashboard is much more user friendly, it provides you with detailed info on alll the stats (thats how I knew)
      Go ahead and link my blog.

  2. I …….ummmmmm……sort of deleted your comment from my blog…OOPS, no offense intended, I’m demonstrating some first-class blog-illiterateness here. But yeah, I’m happy with WordPress, and no problem for linking me.

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