Thoughts on the Republican Presidential Nomination

As a political junkie, I’ve been following the Republican Presidential nomination process for about half a year now.  It has been interesting to watch the non-Romney’s rise and fall in the polls. Personally if I had to pick a candidate according to his credentials and not his campaign, Rick Perry would be my choice.  On paper his achievements look great as he is a strong social and fiscal conservative.  However, his place on the bottom of the polls and his many gaffes on the campaign, most recently his attacks on Romney for Bain, means I am no longer a supporter.  Perry needs to wake up and realize he is going nowhere and endorse Santorum as the non-Romney in order to have  a strong social conservative as nominee.  If  I had to vote in South Carolina on Saturday, I would probably vote for Rick Santorum, a candidate very strong on social issues.  Even though Santorum won’t end up the nominee, as a political junkie I would like the race to go on and not end in SC.  A Romney-Santorum battle would be very interesting to watch.  Ron Paul, despite his strong finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, is not a serious candidate and seems to be running just to annoy Republicans.  Newt Gingrich, the man who’s had three wives, is the candidate I dislike the most.  The more I learn about him, the more I dislike him. If the contest ends up being him and Romney after South Carolina, I will wholeheartedly support Romney, the man, who I predict, will be president-elect in a year.

As a Canadian my support and opinion doesn’t matter in the least, but I still like to follow American politics, which will end up impacting Canada in the long run.


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