The Dangers of CCM: Part 4

Danger in the Form- Mixing Christianity and Worldliness

God calls his people to be separate from the world, and be transformed to serve him.  This means that God is not glorified with secular, popular music with Christian music lyrics.  No matter how many of the lyrics are changed and how much one asks for God’s blessing on the music, CCM still carries the baggage of this world’s immorality (Lucarini, 25). One of the goals of the CCM artists is to be popular in the world because of their music and bring Christian and secular music.  The biography of Amy Grant, one of the first popular CCM artists, states the following, “Amy Grant has done more than simply be successful in two different music worlds; in her music, in fact thanks to her music, she has brought those two worlds together” (Grant, Web).  This is directly contradicting scripture which tells us to be separate from the world and not melded into it.  Rock music and other popular music will corrupt the morals of those who practice it. James says in James 4:4, “…know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”  CCM uses the world’s music and makes friends with the world and its music.  Therefore, CCM artists, such as Amy Grant, are not only taking away from God’s glory, according to this verse, if they continue to be so influenced by the world, they are enemies of God and tools of the devil.


When compared to the Biblical standard provided in Romans 12:2, the genre of contemporary Christian music falls short.  The lyrics are influenced by the world to the point of being doctrinally unsound and superficial, often ignoring the true message of salvation and distorting God’s attributes.  The form is conformed to the music of this world and therefore is unclean and repulsive in the eyes of God.  CCM cannot be used to praise God because it does not meet the Biblical standard required for the praise and worship of God through music.


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