CCM- The Dangers: Part 3

Danger in the Form- Conforming to this World

The biggest problem with Contemporary Christian Music is the form and genres of music it uses.  According to the CCM movement, any type of music can be used to glorify God because he gave men the ability to make all kinds of music (Lucarini, Web).  The biggest problem with this premise is that it is assuming all music is fine, music is morally neutral; there is no right or wrong music. Therefore, worldly music and Christian music can be mixed and still be God glorifying. This is not true!   Christian music cannot be similar to or heavily influenced by music of this world because the God of the Christian is not the same as the idols of the world.  The world’s music reflects its ways, attitudes, sins and gods.  If one uses this music it lowers the value of the Gospel and shows that if the music is not very different from the world’s, the Christian faith must not be very different from life in the world (MacArthur, Web).  Another argument that is used to justify the worldly music style is that it is just redeeming the culture of today.   The problem with this claim of redeeming culture is that there is no Biblical mandate to redeem culture(Lucarini, Print).  Christ came to redeem his people from their sin, “Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works” Titus 2:14.  Attempting to put a Christian theme into worldly society often brings errors from the world into the church, not good from the church into the world (Lucarini, Print).   Using the world’s forms of music disobeys Romans 2:12 where Christians are instructed, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The use of popular secular music in CCM is conforming to this world.  CCM is not just tainted by popular music in general, but with specific evil music.

Danger in the Form- Influence of Rock ‘n’ Roll

One of the most important reasons that CCM is unbiblical is because its form is the same as or tainted and influenced by the rock ‘n’ roll of the world.  The contemporary Christian music genre used to be referred to as the Christian rock genre and is still basically that.  While some may say that CCM and the rock movement are different, “The truth is that the CCM of today is still the Christian rock of yesterday, a vain attempt to mix Christian words with this world’s sensuous and rebellious music” (Hamman, Web).  These words of Ron Hamman, a Baptist minister, articulate the fact that the form of CCM is basically rock music.  The question might arise, “What is so bad about rock music and why is it a sin to use it to glorify God?”  First of all, rock music was created by people of the world with the influence of the devil.  It was a rebellion against the values of the day, especially Christianity.  Secondly, rock ‘n’ roll is basically the music of immoral sex.  The term its self was taken from a slang term for sex.  Many members of the movement have defined the genre and especially the beat as the language of sex.   A doctor research the issue of rock stated “There is a great deal of powerful, albeit subliminal, sexual stimulation implicit in both the rhythm and [the] lyrics of rock music” (Cloud, Web).  The researcher noted that the rhythm implied sex; this rhythm being the exact same rock beat that CCM groups use.  How can music that was made for the glorification of wickedness and as a clear rebellion against God’s law be used to glorify him?  This is contradicting the command to be separate from the world.


4 thoughts on “CCM- The Dangers: Part 3

    • It is not the instruments that are wrong. Guitars and drums can glorify God as well as an organ or piano. It is the form or style (namely rock) that can be wrong. Rock music was made to promote sins, how can it be biblical?

  1. Yes but some of the Psalters were put to tunes that were common bar songs at the time… and yet today we think they are God glorifying.

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