CCM- The Dangers- Part 2

Danger in the Lyrics- Emotional Rather than Spiritual Focus

Another area where the lyrics of Contemporary Christian Music fail to measure up to the Biblical standard is the

Michael W. Smith- CCM Singer

 emotional appeal of the lyrics, rather than a spiritual focus.  Pastor Eric Moerdyk puts it this way, “Instead of being saturated in the truth, [CCM] is instead far too often a watered down mixture of sappy sentimentality and feel-goodism” (Moerdyk, 12-13).   CCM uses spiritual terms in its music but the meanings are emotionalized.  One example of this is the word “faith.”  In the songs of the genre, faith is regarded as an emotional state and is measured by considering how emotional one is.  The more emotional one is the closer he is to God (Preus, Web).  One of the reasons the artist uses emotions is to bring the believer into an emotional worship mode.  Michael W. Smith’s website defines worship this way: “[Worship is] the overflow of a grateful heart that impacts every aspect of a believer’s life. It’s that outpouring of emotion that reverberates through Michael W. Smith’s music and makes everyone want to sing along” (Smith, Web).  God does not want a man to invoke and move people to worship.  God is a jealous God and Christians worship him for the great work he has done, not because of emotions sparked by a singer. God never even instructs his people to get into a worship mode.  He wants them to worship him in spirit and in truth (Lucarini, 5 Things You Need to Know about CCM, Web).  The abundance of emotions and the lack of true spirituality in CCM serve as a stumbling block to those who listen, giving them the allusion that Christianity a religion of emotions.  The lyrics in CCM are not only deficient; they are also dangerous and can lead people astray.

 Danger in the Lyrics- Distorted View of Jesus Christ

The lyrics of CCM not only are a way the devil uses to lead people from true Christianity, they also diminish God’s glory by showing him to be less than he is.  CCM attempts to praise God for his power and for saving the Christian.  The problem with this is the difference between the CCM Jesus and the Jesus revealed in the Bible. The CCM Jesus is one who has delivered the Christian once the Christian found he could not go on in life himself and needed help in his problems, often dealing with drugs and alcohol. He was crucified to show his love for the Christian (Preus, Web).  The Jesus revealed in the Bible is the one who has delivered the Christian out of his sin and fallen state in Adam without the help or desire of the one being saved.  The Saviour revealed in the Bible died on the cross to merit eternal salvation for undeserving, God-hating sinners.  Contrary to the call to be separated from the world, CCM artists are so influenced by the world that their view of Christ Jesus is disoriented.   Matthew 7:21 sends a warning for those that do not give the Redeemer his rightful dues, “ Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”  In their songs CCM artists are likely to use Christ’s name in an irreverent way, sometimes even composing love songs to him.  Matthew 7:21 serves as a warning for those who wish to go down that road. The lyrics, while a huge problem in Contemporary Christian Music, are not the only and not even the biggest problem in this genre.


2 thoughts on “CCM- The Dangers- Part 2

  1. I’m really enjoying this series Kenneth.

    Another thing I noticed about CCM artists…why are their album covers so provocative?! If they’re really trying to encourage others to worship, than what’s with the sleezy attire, made-up face, and ultra photogenic pose…doesn’t that kind of distract from where the focus ought to be?

    I really like the “hymns” that Keith and Kristin Getty wrote (In Christ Alone). We’ve heard them perform three years in a row at a Christian Counseling Conference in Philly. The first year we really enjoyed them. The seond year? Meh. The third year….all the men in the room had to bounce their eyes to something that wouldn’t cause them to stumble.

    I’ve even heard girls say about M.W. Smith…”Oooh, he’s just so cute!!!” Ummm, yeah. Maybe that explains why the largest percentage of attendees at his concerts are teenage girls. Worshiping whom?

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