CCM- The Dangers: Part 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be posting some pieces on the danger of Contemporary Christian Music.  The pieces will largely be from an essay I wrote on the subject.  Here is the introduction and the first point of that essay. 


“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God,” this standard was put forward in Romans 12:2 as an instruction to Christians on how they should live their lives.   Contemporary Christian Music, music that takes popular secular music and inserts Christian lyrics, has been hailed as a way to get the church in touch with modern culture and to help redeem popular culture by injecting a Christian theme into the music.  Many individuals claim to use it as a means to glorify God.  This coming together of secular and spiritual things warrants further investigation, using the Word of God as the guide and standard. How does Contemporary Christian Music disobey the Biblical call of Romans 12:2?  This call is disobeyed in the strong worldly influences on the lyrics and the tainted form used by CCM musicians. 

Dangers in the Lyrics- Lack of Focus on Sin                  

Those who question the godliness of the Contemporary Christian music genre have concern in two areas, the lyrics and the form.  Even if just the form is considered, great danger is presented in this music.  However the lyrics also have a strong influence on the corrupting factors of this genre.  One of the concerns in the matter of lyrics is that sin is not focused on, and often even ignored even though it is spoken about repeatedly in the Bible.  CCM talks about problems like helplessness, lack of love and unhappiness in the world; while these are problems, the root of all problems, sin is left in the background.  Though sin is not focused on, CCM artists would be right when they say they still mention sin.  However often sin is considered to be the force that keeps a person living life how he pleases or is an addiction to drugs or alcohol (Preus, Web).  For example, the focus of the top Christian album in the week of May 16-22, sung by Mercy Me, was Mr. Lovewell.  They said their album was built on the idea of, “a fictional character we created who reminds us that we simply need to love others well” (Mercy Me, Web).  Focuses like these demonstrate the gap between idealism of CCM and the sin warned about in the gospel.  Sin is dealt with as a thing of the past.  Romans 12:2 teaches that Christians should not be the same as the world but be transformed and changed by the renewing of mind.  But how can Christians be changed if they do not recognize that the bondage to sin is the key thing that separates them from the world?  However, this is not the only area in which the CCM lyrics are deficient.


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