Christ: The Spring of Living Water

Here is a hymn I wrote for English class.

Scriptural Basis:

Isaiah 41:17-20

Isaiah 55:1-3

John 4: 13-14


The tune is to the Stuttgart version of Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.

The tune was composed by Christian F. Witt and adapted by Henry J. Gauntlett.


Come ye, hither, poor and needy.

Call on Christ, the risen king.

Those that thirst for living water,

Will find rest for in him alone.


Desert souls of needy sinners,

Will be changed with living streams,

Barren lands are filled with water,

For the mighty Christ redeems.


Thirst will grow with any other,

Nothing else will satisfy,

Christ alone will hear your calling,

And will hearken to your cry.


Come to me, the Saviour calls you,

Buy this water without cost.

Free for all who thirst for mercy,

In all else your hope is lost. 


In him alone is thirst replenished,

Hear his pleading call today,

Come to him, the great Redeemer,

You will never thirst again.


Jesus Christ, the stream of blessings,

He’s the fountain of true life.

Praise to him, our glorious Saviour,

Praise his great redeeming might.


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