The Silent Cry

This is a poem I wrote for English last week.


Body within body,

Life within life.

So clearly a human,

Yet so cruelly slaughtered.

What world is this,

When those most needing our care,

Those that are most helpless,

Are refused their rightful share.


What kind of man is that,

So cold hearted, so cruel,

Despises the reality of life,

And lets his choice be the rule.


Choice, choice, choice,

That’s the cry these days.

When many in the world,

Forget that the child needs a voice.


What will we do to stop,

This murder so clearly shown?

Will we stand for the life of the unborn

Or go with the stream as a leaf is blown?


Stand, stand firm, stand strong.

Stand up for the life of the children.

Give those within the womb a voice

And show it’s about the infants’ life, not choice.


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