Homeopathy- The False Way of Healing- Part 2

Here is the second part of my essay on homeopathy.

So why do people believe in homeopathy?   Often is it because they turn to homeopathic medicine after they have exhausted all other sources and homeopathy seems to cure them.  Why does this happen?  It has been suggested that even though the sickness is thought to have been healed by the homeopathic cures, it could just be because the body has finally defeated the sickness often times due to the other medicines already taken.[1]    Another thing that might lure people to become homeopaths is the fact that there are remedies for pretty much any illness, inclination and even emotion.  For example, if someone wanted to cure an inclination to wipe their eyes, all they would need to do is take a remedy that has with a crocus plant diluted into it.[2] Another reason people turn to homeopathic remedies is because they suspect that the big pharmaceutical companies or drug lords, as they like to call  them, are in a giant conspiracy to make millions of dollars.  However, even though the drug companies are accused of making too much money, the homeopathic companies have their share in the same actions.  According to a news report by the US News, several years ago the homeopathic supplier, Boiron, made $20 million dollars of the organs of one duck.[3]  Seeing the remedies are diluted so much, the company could make all of their flu remedies for an entire year of one duck.  Analyzing the things that lure people provides grounds to dismiss many of the lures as ridiculous.

                According to very recent research complied by the British parliament, the only way homeopathy works is through the placebo effect.[4]  The placebo effect means that the medicine one takes only works because the person has decided that it will work, the cure is actually happening only mentally not physically.   Since homeopathy does not work besides the placebo effect, it makes it logical to label it as a belief system rather than a solution for an ailment.  A problem with this is that because people some people get so devoted to homeopathy and they will not give their children any conventional medicines like Advil or Tylenol, resulting in the pain of their children and themselves.  This is an irresponsible way of doing things.

                Some people look at homeopathy from what they call a Christian perspective, stating homeopathy will of course be better for humans because it is closer to the natural form of things given to them by God then conventional medicine is.  Apart the fact that there is probably no natural substance left in the solution, this thinking is flawed because it ignores the fact that just because a medicine is closer to natural, this does not make it a better cure.  To add on to this is the fact that God has given people the intelligence to develop conventional cures that get rid of ailments.  How responsible is it then to reject all of these developments for a method of curing that has been scientifically proven as false?  Furthermore too many of the basic assumptions of homeopathy are very humanistic and contrary to what the Bible teaches.

                It comes down to the basics; homeopathy can be looked at as a form of quack medicine.   It is a scientifically disproven method of healing.  Any homeopathic treatment someone buys does about as much good as a glass of water, but it costs more.   One can see that homeopathic remedies are not an alternative stream of healing, but are scams that deceive many people.   Because of the fact that homeopathy is not scientifically or clinically proven, people should be wary of the homeopathic movement. 

[1] BMJ Group.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/besttreatments/2010/feb/26/mps-criticised-homeopathy-this-week-whats-their-evidence
[3] http://www.usnews.com/usnews/biztech/articles/970217/archive_006221.htm
[4] http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/besttreatments/2010/feb/26/mps-criticised-homeopathy-this-week-whats-their-evidence

4 thoughts on “Homeopathy- The False Way of Healing- Part 2

  1. Kenneth, I think the National Post should have posted this instead of the silliness courtesy of Steve Thoms. Good job 🙂

    But to get to the argument presented.

    Footnote #1: This sounds like idle speculation. They concur that the ailment is gone, but refuse to give credit to the last used treatment. Slight bias.

    Footnote #2: Any doctor who will prescribe a pill for something like wiping eyes clearly has ethical issues, and certainly is not the type of “Natural Medicine” we like to use. Just like TV Scams about some magic “all-natural” powder that can give you a lumpy torso within 38.2 seconds – There are people who call that Natural Medicine, and I would support them in calling it a fraud.

    I like your last two paragraphs the best, they are the most convincing.

  2. “Furthermore too many of the basic assumptions of homeopathy are very humanistic and contrary to what the Bible teaches.”

    Do you judge MD’s by this as well?

    What’s left?

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