Mock Epic- Petiter the Valiant

Here is a mock epic I wrote for english class.  We had to write a epic, in the style of Beowulf. It had to be a mocking epic making fun of a certain thing in life.  Since I could not come up with a better topic, I did it on something mice wish would happen.  Read on to find out more.

The Epic of Petiter the Valiant

Dire straits the miceal tribe was in,

At the set of the sun, the horrible beast,

The bloodthirsty monster, Feline was unleashed,

Traversing the fields of Mice-mouseal land.

Setting his evil eyes on unwary field mice.

A supper is needed so the mice are the food.

The King Mouse summoned a meeting,

“Wherefore should we commence our struggles,

Against the bearer of evil.

Who will lead the charge” Petiter, of Housal blood,

Forward did step, “I may be young and small in stature,

But I will destroy the evil feline.” Proclaimed Petiter.

Away to Feline’s den, under the cheers of his comrades he marched.

 “I, Petiter, challenge thee, villainous monster,

To duel to the very death.” Feline to this replied,

“Mice meat would satisfy my belly”

And quickly Feline leapt at Petiter.

The claws reach out to maul the head,

Right from the body. But were stopped,

By the sword of Petiter. Slash, slice,

That paw was severed. A mighty leap,

Placed the valiant mouse on the head of the villain.

A strong downwards sword thrust.

Feline withered to the ground, his brain

Impaled by a mouse sword.

A second leap, the mouse was placed

On the shoulders of the squeaking crowd

Carried away to gorge on cheese,

For the Kingdom was free,

There was peace throughout the land.


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