Fishing- My Favorite Softbaits

Hello again, I’m finally back.

Berkley Gulp! Leech

I haven’t posted since June but since then I’ve done quite a bit of fishing. Last summer I didn’t catch huge fish but I caught quite a few. Like usual, I caught the vast majority of my bass on soft plastics.  My favorites include:

  • The Yum Dinger – A long, round and straight worm, This Bait can catch anything in any condition. It is best fished on very light line.
  • The Yum Walleye Grub – Although they are meant for walleye, we have had success with bass as well (especially smallmouth.)
  • The Berkley Gulp! Leech – This is basically a bait that works just as well as a leech but is more durable and can’t die. They come in a container and are emersed in the Gulp solution.

 My highlight of the fishing season last year was definitely the second weekend of May, during this time we caught about 15 pike. The were all small, (1 – 5 lbs) but it was great fun catching them. We caught them mainly on Husky Jerks, with several others being caught on spoons.

My fishing accomplishments this year will (hopefully) include:

  • Catching a large bass on something either than soft plastics.
  • Catch a pike larger than 5 lbs
  • Catch the Giant Largemouth which I lost last year in an “undisclosed location”  🙂

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