2009 in News & Politics

A lot of different newsgroups and pundits have been doing this and I’d thought I’d contribute the best, the worst and other award winners in various positive and negative categories for the year 2009. 

The most successful politician:  Stephen Harper was the politician that had the most influence on the news and he was the one that contributed the most to the increase of Conservative support.  He went from a government that was about to collapse to one that is holding strong despite the minority status.

The most disappointing Canadian politician:  Michael Ignatieff (Iggy) was supposed to inspire the Liberals and lead them on the path to victory instead he lead them to one of their lowest levels of support, ever.  His uncarried through threat of an election further discredits him.   Just to clarify, it’s Liberals not me, who are disappointed.

The most disappointing American politician: Barack Obama was ingurated in January with high levels of support and a media that fawned over him.  He has failed to bring what was expected and currently has one of the lowest approval ratings for the first year on presidency since the ratings began.

 The rising politician: Jason Kenney, the minister of immigration is a rising star in the Conservative caucus.  He has shown how he can do his job well and is helping the Conservatives steer Canada to the right, most recently with the new citizenship guide. 

The most over-emphasized news story: The H1N1 flu (swine flu). This major pandemic ended up being nothing to out of the ordinary despite the media hype and intense spending of taxpayer dollars. 

The most suprising political appointment:  Gary Doer, the NDP Manitoba premier, was appointed by Stephen Harper, the Conservative PM, to be our ambassador to the United States.  I guess this shows Harper is not totally partisan.

The sports story of the year: Jim Balsille’s attempt to bring an NHL team to Southern Ontario.  Despite the final failure, Hamilton came really close to finally having an NHL team.

The news story with the best ending: The miracle on the Hudson.  Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III piloted the Airbus he has flying onto a save landing on the Hudson River after the plane went down after takeoff.  155 lives were saved. 

The most popular food in the news:  Seal meat has become popular this year.  In the wake of the European Union ban on seal products, the Canadians have protested by eating seal meat.  The Governor General was the first to try the delicacy.  A little while latter, the PM and his cabinet had a try.  Now they are starting to serve it at the parliamentary cafeteria. 

I found it a bit humourous to look at my predictions from the beginning of the year, as you can see I had some right and some wrong.


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