We had a Polaris Ranger……

…..but it burned up on November 6.  We were at the cottage. After using the Ranger to cart away all the leaves, Tracey and Nathan decided to take it for a spin. At the last moment, mom convinced them to take the cell phone. We got a call from them, “The Ranger is on fire!”  Opa, Dad and I rushed to the scene of the fire in Opa’s truck.  Opa tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher but it didn’t work.  All the things that could burn did, as you can see on the photos. Here are some pictures of the event.  The pictures were taken on a cell phone and my mom’s camera.

Before- using the Ranger to clean up our leaves

Before- Using the Ranger to clean up our leaves

Quite the blaze

Quite the blaze

Tons of smoke- half our Ranger is in the atmosphere

Putting out the fire

A tanker, pumber, fire ambulance, and a pick-up truck that first arrived on the scene, came to our rescue. The OPP also paid a visit.

Not much left

Polaris was informed about the fire.....they didn't even care or do anything. So much for customer service.


4 thoughts on “We had a Polaris Ranger……

  1. I think you need to add a “before” picture .
    The spelling is ok, but the grammar could be improved… 🙂 (can you spot the missed word and the awkward sentence? 😮 ) …good thing you don’t aspire to be an English teacher…

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