Remembrance Day

Today we remember the many sacrifices Canadian soldiers paid in order for us and others across the globe to receive their freedom.  Here is a poem written by my cousin Sarah, that she recently submitted to the Royal Canadian Legion Literacy Contest,   in commemoration of this day.  She said I was allowed to publish it so here it is:

Remembrance Day Meditation


Our heads we bow as here we stand,

The clock is striking o’er the land;

Now is the time, here is the place,

To reflect on what brave men have faced.

Some did survive, we know not how,

Of this we think while heads we bow.

Those troops who heeded the calling drum

fought for our country and freedom.


The battlefield, blood soaked and charred

 “O, Canada, we stand on guard”

Oh this our beloved country-

Canada! “The True North Strong and Free”

Look at the poppy crimson bold

The crest of courage legends hold;

We did not do this on our own,

Without God’s help we’d be overthrown.


Now listen to the trumpet clear,

Remember those throughout the year

In rain or sleet, through cold or heat,

They will both fight, on foot and fleet.

As in this day and in this year,

Take time to shed a thankful tear,

We Canadians have a great debt,

Both great and small, Lest We Forget.


2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day

  1. I am padre of the legion in my town. I read your cousin’s poem as part of Remembrance Day ceremony at two retirement homes here. Many have asked for the poem. I would like yours and Sarah’s permission to pass it on. You also did not mention Sarah’s last name. I have referred to her as Sarah hoping that the credit will be honoured.Thanks to Sarah for such a moving and appropriate reflection.

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