By-Elections 09- CPC 2, NDP 1, Bloc 1, Liberals 0

Yesterday four by-elections took place, one in Nova Scotia, two in Quebec and one in BC.   Before the members stepped down, the riding in BC was NDP, the ones in Quebec were Bloc and the one in Nova Scotia was independent.  Officially the Conservatives expected to win none of the ridings, however they won two.   They won big in Nova Scotia and took a riding in Quebec, proving they can win there as well.   The Bloc took the other Quebec riding with a large majority.   The NDP won the BC riding.  The best the Liberals did was third place in all four elections.   The party that did the worst last night was the Liberals, showing that they were no where close to winning, a far cry from the “natural governing party” they once were.  Even though they got a seat in BC, the NDP hopes of winning in Quebec and NS fell through.   The Bloc showed they still dominated in one riding, but were surprisingly defeated in another.   The Conservatives were the winners last night, taking in two seats that they previously did not have.  They showed that they can win in Quebec, a skill needed for a majority government.  Overall, even though they didn’t get the BC riding, the CPC did the best.


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