Quebec City- Photographs #2

Here are some more pictures I took.  The theme of this “photo essay” is the Roman Catholic Church.  Included in the pictures are the candles.  These were in almost all of the Catholic churches we visited and if you paid $4.00 you could “buy a prayer,” a similar idea to indulgences from the Reformation times.  You can also see the statues of the saints and the benches on which you can kneel down to pray to the saints.  You can see a picture of the largest church, a small country church, a church that burnt down a few times and one of the oldest churches.

 Roman Catholic Churches in Quebec


2 thoughts on “Quebec City- Photographs #2

  1. Wow! I’m really impressed, Kenneth. They especially look good all together in that montage. (p.s. Shakespeare was a hideous speller.)

  2. Kenneth: Awesome pics Kenneth! You should send this link to your Aunt Tonny, she would appreciate your photographic talents.

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