Canadian Seal Hunt

Lately there has been a big fuss about the Canadian Seal Hunt.  These are commercial hunts of seal done every year by the aboriginals and the people living in the east in order to harvest pelts and food.  However because of the risk of offending the Inuit, the animal rights groups like PETA and Humane Society only target the Atlantic seal hunt.  The anti-seal hunt people are full of hypocrisy.   They call the seal hunt a “slaughter of poor, innocent baby seals.”    They call on everyone to boycott Canadian seafood.  They even had a bunch of famous chefs gather in Washington, DC, to support their cause.   The population of seals in Atlantic Canada is 5.6 million and the quota of seals that can be killed for 2009 is 280,000.  Thats 5% of the seal population.  If the anti-hunt groups really care about innocent and helpless animals being slaughtered, why don’t they enlist the chefs’ help for combating the slaughter of pigs.  I’m sure more than 5% of that population is slaughtered per year.  Or, better still, they should support global warming because if the arctic ice melts, the polar bears, who need the ice to hunt seals will die and the seals will not be killed by polar bears and therefore we can save the seals.   The seal hunt provides the fishermen a source of money in the long winter months when fishing is not possible.   The allegations that the seals are killed inhumanely are also false.  The seals are killed right away and not skinned alive.  The government monitors the hunt and makes sure that no laws are broken.  Finally the hunters are not even allowed to kill whitecoats.  A whitecoat is the white baby seal you see in pictures put forward by anti-seal hunt groups.  The use these pictures to promote the idea that he hunt is evil even though those seals are not actually killed.  Lets not cave into pressure like Russia did.  Stand up for Canada and support the Canadian seal hunt.


4 thoughts on “Canadian Seal Hunt

  1. Quit personally you are a sick minded person. Anyone that can do that to an animal must have something wrong in their head. You’ve obviously lost your sense of reality. No one is going to like Canadian seal hunting unless your a crazy canadian like yourself. I have seen plenty of gruesome video’s online of canadian seal hunters that will hit the seal one time and drag it off with the sharper end of the hakapik while it is still moving, clearly suffering from the blow. If you call that humain then you must be stupid. You sicken me. Dont try to make seal hunting look okay. I’m a senior in highschool and i can tell this is clearly wrong. Wheres your head at?

    • I’m a senior in highschool too. The arguement you used could be use for any killing of animals (killing of cowsor pigs for meat). The movements of the seals after they are clubed DEAD are probably because of nerves or because it is being dragged across the ice. The seal hunters do not go out there it enjoy themselves by killing “innocent baby seals” they do it to make a living. It is not sick minded to kill an animal to get its fur or meat. And yes, I am Canadian and proud of it. I have not lost my sense of reality,the reality is that these hunters need to kill seals in order to survive.

    • Yo, Evan, I am also a senior in high school and I need to tell you that your school has drastically failed you in the spelling department. Apart from that, your argument that seal hunting is only supported by Canadians is false, and proved by the fact that I am American, and see no problem with it. And yes, the seals are killed humanely. After death from a blow to the the brain, such as one delivered by a hakapik, causes the body to spasm from the broken nerve reactions, causing the motion you saw. You, and all your hypocritical environmentalist friends, sicken me. Go back to San Francisco and ignore things that you know nothing about, such as the Canadian seal hunt.

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