What is Iggy thinking?

Two weeks ago Iggy declared that he would not support the government, “Harper’s time is up,” he said.   Since then things have gone downhill and we seem to be staring an election in the face.  The Bloc have declared they want an election and the NDP cannot prop up the government without compromising their key values. But what was Iggy thinking when he decided to have an election?  Here are some reasons why an election would be bad for the Liberals:

  • We had an election 10 months ago, it would be the 4th election in 5 years, and, according to the pollsters, 80% of Canadians don’t what an election. 
  • The Conservatives are ahead in the polls.
  • The economy is regaining strength, undermining the Liberal argument that the Tories will put us deeper into a recession.
  • The Libs have no concrete principle to campaign on, no reason to give to the voters when asked the reason for the election.
  • The Conservatives will use the issue of a coalition to ask voters for a majority.  Seeing the amount of people who wanted a coalition last December, the strategy has a high chance of working.
  • The Libs might defeat the government on the a bill that includes putting the popular Home Renovation Tax Credit into act. 

What is Iggy thinking??????  When I predicted a week or two ago that their would be no election, I assumed that Iggy had a bit of intelligence.   I guess not.


4 thoughts on “What is Iggy thinking?

  1. I was figuring that the Liberals want to call an election now so that the conservatives will only get another minority government, because at the rate they’re going, if the Libs wait around, the conservatives might just get a majority.

    I’m interested on your opinion on how to vote – vote conservative, or vote for a party more in line with personal beliefs, ie. CHP

    • thanks for the reminder, right now I’m kind-off busy but if I have time and don’t have something to write about I’ll write about that topic

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