New Header and Remark Settings

As you have probably noticed, the new header has been put up.   The current header won out with 46% of the vote, the former header had 26% of the vote and the other two each had 16% of the vote.  The current header is a close-up picture of the Rideau Falls in Ottawa.  Comment on what you think of the new header below.

As well as putting up a new header, I have enabled ratings on  posts, pages and comments.   You will be able to rate the posts and pages out of five stars and rate the comments with a thumbs up or down.   You do not need to sign in or anything like that in order to rate things.  In order to rate a post, you will have to click on the post’s title and go into its own page. You will not be able to rate the posts on the main page.  Please take a second to rate each article and/or comment so I know what my readers like and their opinions.


5 thoughts on “New Header and Remark Settings

  1. sweet pic kenny…i saw a waterfall like that up north and went behind it and swam in it…. yahoo thats the one i voted for!!!

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