Mourning Doves

mourning doveWe have a nest of one of these on our property and I am not sure whether they are a nuisance or a helpful part of God’s creation. They are annoying in many ways first their annoying calls. the long whoo-whooo-who in the morning, througout the day and at night, secondly the noise that their wingbeats make in take off. The wind whistles through their wings and makes an extremely annoying whistle. On the other hand they are part of God’s creation and do have a purpose. They eat insects and keep the population down (especially mosquitoes), and their whistling wingbeats during takeoff serve as a signal to other animals of dangers that may be coming and therefore they serve as a early warning system.


3 thoughts on “Mourning Doves

  1. I wunce woak-up becuz a dove burd wuz cooing lyk a stuck record owtside my bedrume windo so I thru my shoo at it but it bownced off the windo and hit my wife hoo woak up two. Even if I opin de windo nex time, I cant due much abowt it becuz my wife wont let me ware my shoos to bed no more. Doves is speshally not hi on my list an neether is moskeetoes.

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