Fishing Season At Last

Now that school is done  and bass season has opened in Ontario, it usually opens the last Saturday of June, I  will finally be able to do some serious fishing. I haven’t fished since the RCS pike tournament. In that tounament our team didn’t do to well. Although we caught a giant 30 inch bowfin, we only caught one legal fish, a “huge” 17 inch pike. Tomorrow I’m going up to a cottage and hopefully I can catch a stringer of fish. This spring I received a new baitcaster reel and a rod which I hope will work quite well. I’m hoping I don’t do what I did last time in our little boat, I hit a rock so hard that I literally snapped part of the fin off the motor. Have a great summer and, if possible, go fishing.


3 thoughts on “Fishing Season At Last

  1. hahahaha we kicked you in that pike tournament. ONE FISH!!! THATS ALL!!!! We got three pike all over your “huge” 17 inch

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