Google vs. Bing

Microsoft just released a new search engine called Bing after their “Live Search” didn’t do too well.  I compared it to Google by searching “Canada- The true north strong and free”.   Right now I’m staying with Google for searching.   My blog was 6th on the Google search results.   It came 6th on Bing as well, except it was on the third page and the link was not even to the home page.   However I will say that Bing has some cool features like your search history and related searches in a toolbar on the left hand side.  Bing also has maps along with it.  I compared Bing Maps and Google Maps by searching for the CN Tower.  The results were basically the same. A neat feature of Bing’s maps is the “Bird’s Eye.”   It shows a plane view (at least that what it looks like) of the place instead of the satellite view.   It is sort of like the cool street view from Google Maps.  However this street view currently is not available for Canada.  After doing a couple of experiments,  I’ve decided that I’m going to use Google for my search engine but I may use both for things like maps.

UPDATE: Here’s an article about Google Street View in Canada:


One thought on “Google vs. Bing

  1. I enjoy a little of both, but honestly I have to lean more towards Google. That’s for the simple fact that they’re an established reputable company with highly relevant results. Bing is nothing new to be going head to head with Google. I just like Bing’s random facts on the background on their homepage.


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