2009 Pike Tournament


They're off- The boats take off at 9:00

This past Saturday, there was a pike tournament to raise money for our school, RCS.   It was held up in Six Mile Lake, which is just east of the southern tip of Georgian Bay.    About 20 boats showed up, with 2-6 people per boat.   It went from 9:00-2:45.   The goal was to catch 3 pike that were longer then 16 inches.  The person with the largest fish and the boat with the highest average (total length in inches of all your fish divided by the number a people in the boat) were the winners.   I fished in our Scout (a type of boat) with my friend, Cameron, who came north with me.   We gathered at Six Mile Lake Provincial Park and at 9:00AM we were off to fish.  Throughout the day we fished with spoons and the occasional Rapala.  I ended up catching nothing but Cam (whose biggest fish before this was a sunfish 🙂 )  caught three nice pike ranging from 18.25″ to 23.25″ .    At quarter to three, everyone showed up again at the provincial park to hand in our results and have some baked goods and a drink.   In the end, we ended up winning   for the highest average of pike.   The pike tournament was a great time and I’d like to thank Hendrik T. and Pete B. for organizing the tournament.  It was a great fundraiser!


A group shot


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