Eating pigs equals Swine Flu???

Have no fear. Eating pig meat will not give you swine flu. The disease is passed through the air and into your mouth, eyes, and nose. It is a respiratory disease. It is influenza with the name of swine flu and has nothing to do with pigs. [Actually it is called swine flu because it was originally a disease among pigs.-KDK]Since it has swine in the name, people have stopped eating pork, which is hurting the pork industry and the economy even more than before. Prevent this by calling the influenza the H1N1, which is the medical name. Also, eat pork, bacon, ham etc. to help the pork industry.


8 thoughts on “Eating pigs equals Swine Flu???

  1. Did you hear about the pig farm in Alberta though? haha. The pigs were sniffling and sneezing and they did tests on them that resulted in them having H1N1. So some pigs do have it…

  2. i know that pigs can have the disease but the point is that you cannot get the disease by eating a pig with H1N1. It was passed from pigs to humans by breathing, coughing, sneezing etc…

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