Technology Tips- MS PowerPoint 07

The powerpoint is a very useful tool for presenting information, doing class projects and enjoying yourself.  Here are two tips to make your powerpoints made in Microsoft PowerPoint 07.

  • For some basics, click on the Office button (in the top left corner) and click on New.  In the side toolbar of the Template1new window, you will see a bunch of different options you can chose from.  Under the Templates header click on Installed Templates.  Then chose Introducing PowerPoint 2007in the thumbnail list of the templates you can chose from in that category. Play this slideshow and it will show you some of PP07’s features.  You can also chose from any templates for different kinds of presentations.
  • If you have inserted a picture with a plan background and want to make it look better, there is a simple way to improve its look.  Once you have selected the picture, click on the format tab under the Picture Tools header.  Next, in this toolbar, move over to the Adjust pane on the far left-hand side.   Click on the Recolor button.  Click Set Transparent Color and then click on the color in the image you don`t want.  The image now looks a lot better now that you have eliminated the boring background colour.  I use this feature all he time.

If people like this feature I may publish more tips soon.


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