Reflections on the Holocaust

In history we are studing the Holocaust and we were had to write a response of our particular feelings.  Since I don’t have much time right now to compose any other posts, here it is:

Often, when the subject of the Holocaust comes up, the biggest question is who was to blame?  Usually one person comes to mind, Hitler.  If not that, one group comes to mind, the Nazis.  After I have mulled over this fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was not Hitler or the Nazis that were solely to blame. To be sure, they were the most important contributors in the genocide of the Jews.  However, they were not the only ones to help this evil cause.  People like you and me, ordinary human beings were also at fault.  People who thought that it wasn’t their business what happened to the Jews.  People that ignored what the Germans where doing.  Human beings that were to scared or lazy to contribute in any way, shape or form to the movement of assisting the Jews, these were at fault.  By doing nothing they condoned the Nazis actions, they helped the Nazi cause. Indirectly, their action or inaction caused millions of Jews to go to their deaths.  These people helped the Nazi Regime wipe out 75% of the Jewish population in Europe.  They didn’t just help make a number bigger.  When I look at the number of the people killed, 6 million, to often it stays a numerical value and does not materialize to my mind.   These 6 million were not just numbers; they were human beings with names and feelings just like you or me have.  They had times of joy and times of sadness.  They were just like my best friend or your little brother.  Most of all, they were human beings with an eternal soul, not just a series of numbers.  These people are the ones that many helped kill.  Yes, Hitler had his part in the slaughter.  Yes, the SS officers contributed to this effort. Yes, the Gestapo helped further this evil cause. But all those, all of them, who knew about this genocide and wilfully did nothing to stop it contributed to the furtherance of the Holocaust.  Those who just wanted to survive.  The human beings that did not stand up for what was right, those are the guilty ones.

            But if we were born in Germany at that time, would we have done any better?  If we were some of the people that lived in the Netherlands at the time of the Nazi invasion, would we submit to our captors?  It is only God’s providence that we were not there.  But if we were in that situation, would we stand up for what we believe?


One thought on “Reflections on the Holocaust

  1. Certainly something to consider –> the ones who didn’t make this horrific agenda their business. Had I lived in that time, then what? I cannot imagine.

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