The Argo

6x6conquestindexpg1An argo is an off-road/ all terrain vehicle that are mostly used for hunting. These vehicles are also used for recreation, exploring, hydro workers who need to go through fields and other offroad places to fix hydro, and they are also used as medical, and search vehicles for lost people or hurt people that can’t be reached by a regular vehicle. Argos have either six or eight wheels that can seat anywhere from one to six people. You may wonder how these  offroad vehicles can go across lakes or ponds; well when going across a water surface the wheels are in the water spinning around, and the traction that is on the argo tire is what pushes the water so it can move across a lake or pond. Argos come in camouflage, red, green, orange, blue and yellow. Argos are great work/hunting offroad vehicles for any season.


8 thoughts on “The Argo

  1. This Argo sounds interesting!!!!! I wouldn’t mind having one for Christmas!!!! But, how much are they??? I’m getting scared!!!!

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