3000 Hits!!!!

Each time the number of hits hits another thousand, I post an update of the stats.  So its time for the third update.  In about  half a month, we have had 1000 hits.  This is quite amazing seeing it took about 3 months to reach 2000 hits.  Recently, we just had our day with the most hits other (227).  (Since the times are in GMT a new day starts about 8 PM.) From all the people that link my blog, I have gotten the most hits via the link on Modest Proposals (97 hits to be exact).    Since the last stats update, I have added 3 new authors.  This has been done so there is more diverse content for the readers to enjoy. Finally some more numbers, 60 posts (including this one), 11 categories, 136 tags and 95 comments.


One thought on “3000 Hits!!!!

  1. oooo i am bringing traffic to your blog 🙂
    that must mean there are quite a few people checking mine out too.
    unfortunately blogspot doesn’t have hit statistics (one reason for wordpress being better :P)

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