Happy Sailing!


As I mentioned before-hand, I will be talking about sailing and it’s greatness. Three main boat types are as follows: mono-hull, which has one hull and is most commonly seen, a catamaran, which has two hulls, and trimarans, which, if you can see the pattern, have three hulls. As stable as catamarans may seem, I know someone who was sailing with just a storm jib up, a very small sail which, in stong, winds, can go fast, had a gust of wind come straight down and flipped the boat. It was very wide and long. He had it pulled out of the water and I went for a look inside!!! You needed nose-plugs! It really smelt like Hamilton Harbour. As the sailing season approches, I am getting eager to go sail for 4 hours straight! To my disappointment, we had snow on the ground last night!!!! 😦

Happy Sailing!!!!



2 thoughts on “Happy Sailing!

  1. You are looking forward to sailing season and I’m looking forward to fishing season:) I think pike season opens on May 23.

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