Earth Hour- What is the Point?

This past Saturday Earth Hour was celebrated.  For an hour on Saturday night, many cities in the world turned their lights off.  People wanted to see how much the electricity output went down. But…Does this even effect the environment?  Does it really decrease amount of electricity produced?

 First, Earth Hour does not really change the the environment.  It might have slightly raised awareness, but apart from that it did nothing.  I think it might have even done the opposite of helping the environment.  It may have made an impression that turning off the lights for an hour once a year is all that they can do to help the environment and it will “appease people’s environmental conscience” when, in reality it does nothing to help the environment.  That leaves the debate if people can actually do things to help the environment, but I’ll leave that for another time.  The amount of electricity used decreased about 6% in Ontario.  However, the amount of electricity produced stayed about  the same.  So ultimately, there was not a difference in the production of electricity.  I thought it was rather humourous that the TV channels announced, “Tune in for our special coverage of Earth Hour.”  Of course TV’s don’t use any electricity.


6 thoughts on “Earth Hour- What is the Point?

  1. Do you think the goal was more to reduce electricity consumption that one night, or educational (as you mention raising awareness)?

    Also, can you identify harm in celebrating Earth Hour?

    • It was to reduce electricity consumption. (That’s what all the newspaper’s reported on, how much electricity was reduced.) It also was for eduction, but I think if they really cared they should do a campaign to keep the lights off all the time, not just once a year.
      i don’t think there is harm in celebrating it apart from the danger of endorsing it too strongly. Certain groups had special candlelight service to pay tribute to mother earth. That is joining to far.

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