2000 hits!

Now I have had 2000 hits on my blog.  I’m guessing I probably have about 20 consistent readers and about 30 non-consistent readers.  The large growth in hits in the last month is due to the large growth of blogging in our community.  Many of these bloggers have linked my blog, bringing in more people.  Other stats include (as of 26/03/09) 45 posts (including this one) and 53 comments. To celebrate this blog’s 2000th hit, I will unveil a new author tomorrow.  Come back and see who it is. 🙂


4 thoughts on “2000 hits!

  1. I’ve taken a peek several times. I was never really interested in politics before but both Brad and I really enjoy this quick, informative news briefings. No garbage, just facts. I like it!

    We even canceled our newspaper subscription!
    just kidding, we didn’t subscribe to one anyways 🙂


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