My Photography

Here are a few photographs I took this year.  I have a extended zoom camera which I use all the time.  I’m not very good at photography but I enjoy it.  I often go on photo hikes with my cousin and a lot of the photos below are taken on these hikes.  Comment and tell me what you like or dislike and which picture you like the best.


7 thoughts on “My Photography

  1. nice pix! a few of mine turned out as well. Maybe you can put the resolution down a bit for the sake of DSL users like me? (they’re taking me like 30 seconds to load.)

    • Sorry, there is no option to do that, I would have to totally reupload the pics and remake the gallery. I guess you will just have to be patient.

  2. My favorites are “Burs,” “Pine Sunset,” and “Calm.” Keep taking them throughout the year-these photos would make a beautiful calendar! Good job!

    ~Jacinda V.

  3. Kenneth, your pictures are awesome!
    just wondering, do you happen to have any of the school christmas banquet? the yearbook is looking for some good ones…

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