PC Possible Leadership Candidates

Here is a good summary of who might run for PC leadership:


I am not sure who I would endorse if they all jumped into the race,  I probably should first get a PC membership. 🙂

A few other links on the PC leadership race:





One thought on “PC Possible Leadership Candidates

  1. I foned Iggy to see if he wuodd take me bak like yue said and I got his wife insted. She sayd she wuz his asist aunt but I wuznt born yestrday. an she tole me I had to pay 20 buks to com to his party an when I ask wich day and wat shud I bring she hung up. Yue can buy a hole lot of jaw brakers fur 20 buks!

    Do I hav to pay to get into this hear PC race? Im not in bad shape and kin owtrun buster my nabors dog wen I boro skwash or sumtin frum theyr gardin.


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