Weekly Wrap-Up March 1-7

A lot has been happening on the provincial (Ontario) scene this week.

  • First, John Tory LOST the by-election in a surprising defeat (John Tory is the provincial Progressive Conservative leader).  Usually, a leader of a party can easily win election, however Tory lost  two in a row, first the one against the education minister in the main election and now this one in the by-election that was supposed to give him a seat.  He resigned when he learned he had lost.  His loss/resignation is both good and bad for the PCs.  It is bad because it illustrates a party’s weakness if the leader can’t even win a ‘safe’ seat.  It is good because John Tory was a red Tory (liberal PC).  If a liberal tory can’t win, maybe a conservative Tory like Tim Hudak  (he’s rumored to be a front runner if he enters the   leadership race) will do better.  Hopefully he enters the race and makes the party life up to its name.         [Just for clarification Tory is the resigned leader’s last name as well as a nickname for the Progressive Conservatives.]
  • Andrea Horwarth from Hamilton won the provincial NDP leadership race.  I don’t know if this will change anything.  Maybe it will draw more votes from certain Liberals but that’s not to likely.  I don’t think anything is really going to change for that party.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up March 1-7

  1. Kenneth,

    Interesting blog – very informative and well-written!

    I was prompted to comment when I read your comment about nothing much changing for the NDP’s in the future. I just happened to read an article today about an organization called NDYC(New Democratic Youth in Canada), and the fact that it is gaining popularity quite rapidly as it allows youth to even run as candidates, not just volunteer to help during campaigns and such.

    I was wondering what your opinion is concerning the NDYC and whether you see it as a serious threat in the next decade or so? (Seeing as I would consider it threatening if they had any more power than they already do 🙂 )

    Do other political parties have similar programs for involving the 25 and under crowd?

  2. Well I was taking about the Ontario NDP who are ruined by the Rae years. But the Conservative party has a youth section called CPC Energy and I’m sure the Liberals have a youth section too. I think that some of the currently left minded yout hwilll come to there senses and relize that the NDPs and the Grits don’t have all the answers. (Harper was once a supporter of the Libs 🙂 ) We will have to wait and see what happens, I’m not really sure right now.

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