News Bytes- 02/03/09

Global warming, or climate change as it is now called, has been a major issue in the past few years.  Many scientists and activists (namely Al Gore) have been tolling warning bells to mankind, warning about gobal warming all over the earth.  Ocean levels will raise because of melting ice caps, cities will be flooded, polar bears will go extinct and so on.   Looking at and analyzing the data gives a different story, the earth is cooling, not warming.  See link below:

John Tory is trying hard to get a seat in the Ontario Legislature.

Harper on Senate Reform

Setting it straight: Taliban, not Canadians killed children

Did you know Americans and their media like Harper.  Here is a quote from the Wall Street Journal:

Since establishing a minority government in January 2006, this prime minister and his Conservative Party have restored Canada’s international prestige by increasing military funding and tenaciously supporting Canada’s dangerous NATO mission in the Afghan province of Kandahar. No NATO ally has put more on the line against the Taliban, and Mr. Harper seems to sense not just the opportunity but the need for Canada to capitalize on it. There is a vacuum in conservative leadership in North America and on the world stage, and Mr. Harper is stepping into it.

Here is the link to the entire article:

Harper on CNN


2 thoughts on “News Bytes- 02/03/09

  1. You sayn dis hear cool headed harper seal is hear in Suthrn Ontareo? Shur dont sownd like no globle warming if deys seals hear.
    Maebe they shuld band harper seals, speciale if he’s band primate change fun (Im all fur fun!) and if Iggy wul take me back like you sayn he mite.


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