Hi, I’m Nathan

 Yum DingerHi, I am Nathan, Kenneth’s brother and I will be writing some articles about fishing. I love fishing and do it as often as I can. My favourite lure is the Yum Dinger. It is a plain plastic worm that comes in 3, 4 and 5 inch sizes. It has special scent that attracts fish and it is extremely versatile. It can be fished weed-less in extremely thick cover such as weeds or stumps, or can be fished on a sinker at any depth. It is very easy to use, it only requires a bit of patience. Basically you cast it out keep your spool open and wait about a minute until a fish takes it. If this happens you wait for about 5 seconds and then set the hook. Although it doesn’t weigh a lot it can be cast very far. The only cons are it is hard to fish in strong winds and they rip apart easily. I know this is a great bait because it have caught the majority of my large bass on it for the last two years.


6 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Nathan

  1. You got somting smelli that wull atract a seal? If you reed what I rote bout de seal hunt, you kno I culd use sum help. (that’s wut my wife says two – I culd use some help). Its gud to half a funny wife fur a wife.

    By fur now.

  2. Nathan:
    I might be able to help you out with your baits ripping apart easily. This sounds weird, but you can rig your worm “wacky worm” style. This means instead of hooking your worm at the front, you hook it in the middle. In order for your worm not to rip off, pull a split ring of the same diameter as the worm over the worm to the center of it. Then you slide your hook under the split ring and it will not rip. Now, when you cast it out, the worm will fall through the water at a slower rate because it is hooked in the middle (it falls flat instead of head down.) When your worm is on the bottom, retrieve it to the boat or shore at a fairly slow rate, making sure you jig it occasionally so the ends flutter in the water. Try this technique in shallow water first ( your bathtub in the winter :)) and you will see how it works. Nathan if your Mom won’t let you use the bathtub, tell her you are going to catch dinner for the family and need to practice!

  3. Hey Nathan:
    Talk to Kenneth about the time that is posted after each post. Its now 9:09am and when I post this it is MANY hours out of sync. I was looking at your other posts and saw that they were posted at 4:25AM. I think the clock is messed up!

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