Weekly Wrap Up

  • This week I was not very kind to evolutionists. See posts below. This is because I could not stand some of the articles they wrote.  Of course the Spec didn’t (at least so far) publish my response which you can see in the post below.
  • Obama came to Canada this week.  Most of the nation seemed to go crazy.  Such a shame, he is a human.  Apparently the Washington White House Press Gallery gave a standing ovation to Harper’s speech.  All of them but the three Canadians. Here is an excerpt from Wolf Blitzer interviewing the Canadian reporter.
  • When the Canadian leader finished, something very rare happened in the White House media room. Almost every member of the working media stood up and gave this foreign leader an ovation that lasted for several minutes. What stood out for some, was the small handful of reporters who stayed in their seats. One of them looked embarrassed. Another appeared to be angry. The third had a disgusted look on her face. When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed the three Canadians, they appeared to be offended by the idea that a Canadian leader would speak in such glowing terms about the United States.

    The reporter for Canada’s national public broadcaster, known as the CBC said, “In our country there has always been widespread suspicion that the leaders of the Conservative party who hails from an ultra right-wing part of the country has too much affection for the United States and too little for Canada. Today, he seems to have confirmed that view with his words.” Wolf Blitzer then challenged the Canadian journalist by saying, “But didn’t Barack Obama in his very first visit to Canada as president more than three years ago, say at a news conference in Ottawa that he loved Canada?” The CBC reporter then let Blitzer have it right between the eyes. “That’s not the same thing at all Wolf. It’s a difference with a distinction. In Canada we all want the United States to know more about us and to respect us. President Obama appealed to our fondest hopes when he said he loved Canada. But the worst fear that Canadians have is that their government will fall into the hands of a leader who feels greater kinship toward the United States than he does for Canada and today Prime Minister Harper seemed to be completely over the top by not only saying he loved the United States, but that he also felt that the United States was a beacon of freedom for the world, and Canadians know that isn’t true. The United States is seen as an oppressor in many parts of the world. The United States is an ally of Israel which many see as an apartheid state in the Middle East. The United States has also been seen by some as trying to export a kind of militant Christianity, and the United States is also seen as a country that has practiced genocide in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War and more recently in Iraq. And I haven’t even brought up Abu Ghraib or Maher Arar or Omar Khadr or Gitmo or Waterboarding. Wolf, the truth is that we at the CBC are in touch with precisely how the average Canadian feels about the United States. We need them to buy our stuff. But we don’t want to be associated with their ideological baggage. We are embarrassed by United States policies on race, on war, on torture, and on civil liberties. Am I making myself clear as a bell on why I sat while the rest of you stood and applauded that man for saluting your country as a beacon of freedom?”
    Blitzer than offered the CBC reporter an uncharacteristic dress down. “Susan, I have never heard so much nonsense in my life from a so-called Canadian journalist. I grew up in Buffalo, only minutes from the Canadian border. I spent a lot of time in your country, and have many friends there. I don’t know who you think you are speaking for. But I must assume based on this propaganda that you are mouthing, that you’re either speaking only for yourself or for a small group of people on the far left of the spectrum. I can now see why you were not happy with the Prime Minister’s remarks. He represents a mainstream view and what you seem to represent borders on irrelevant. None of us in journalism want to feel irrelevant. But we make a choice every day between following the facts and following our agendas. I want to thank you for sharing with our viewers very candidly on the choice that you and some of your Canadian colleagues choose to take. I want you to know that I too love Canada. We have a very loyal audience in Canada. We get lots of email from Canada and Susan, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them tell me in the next couple of hours that I love Canada more than you do.”1.

That’s all I’ll post for this week.  If you want some more, here’s some links.



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