News Bytes- 03/02/09

This is another new section.  It will contain different links to bytes or sites of news and other things that are interesting.

Released detainees from Gitimo coming to Canada?

Watch CTV’s new show replacing Mike Duffy: Power Play with Tom Clark

Obama Admits ‘Mistake’ in Handling of Daschle Nomination

Understanding the Minnesota Senator Happenings

Some amazing photos


4 thoughts on “News Bytes- 03/02/09

  1. Hey there Kenneth!

    How much do I have to pay you for this wildly exaggerated endorsement of my photos?

    I was curious to see who the folks at “true north” were and why they would be referring people to my site – and I tracked you down. This is one awesome blog! Lots of interesting content and great comments. I’ll be checking this out on a daily basis. Say hello to all….

  2. I admit that’s a pretty reasonable price even for a dutchman. Are you sure you have that right? At 4:53AM in the morning, I don’t think too clearly either.

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