Some predictions (guesses) for 2009

  • Iggy will let Harper’s budget pass.
  • The budget will have too much spending- done to please the coalition.
  • John Tory will resign
  • there will be another few assassination attempts on Obama uncovered, none will ever get a chance to kill Obama .
  • Americans will realized (hopefully) that Obama is not a superhero, just an ordinary American as he will make choices that will please some but anger others.
  • (this is more a possible happening than a predication) By the end of the year Iggy will what to become PM so bad that  he will force an election.  Harper will win a majority campaigning on the Liberals/separatists plot.  The Libs and NDP will have  there hands tied -unable to campaign against each other.

More to follow…


One thought on “Some predictions (guesses) for 2009

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