My thoughts on the failed coalition

The Left’s Power Grab

The attempt by the left, namely the Liberal, New Democrat and Bloc Quebecois parties, to form a coalition showed the Canadians how much they want power.

The Liberals under Dion realized that they would not be forming government soon. So instead of waiting for Canadians to elect them, they decided to take government through the back door, their cover being a parliamentary procedure, the coalition. By saying that the House had not confidence in the current government, the Liberals tried to disguise their coup and take over without Canadians realizing what was happening. The biggest fault goes to Stéphane Dion. This was his final desperate attempt to take the Prime Ministers office even if it was not through democratic means. Even though he realized that Canadians and even Liberals did not want him.

Next is the NDP. They participated in this coup because they realized that there would be no other way for the to become the government or influential in the government. This was their only route to power. They knew that they could not be elected as government by Canadians because Canadians did not approve of there radical platform. So, instead they took the back way to power.

Finally, there is a reason the Bloc was part of this coalition. They were there because they were o the most power in the house. They got a veto power, if they voted against something it would not pass and vice versa. They also had a lot of money coming their way. They proclaimed the coalition as a way to further the separation form Quebec, much to the Liberal’s and NDP’s dismay. They would hold the balance of power in this coalition, this way they could further there whim and will.

As you can see the reason of the left wing parties to participate in the coalition was not to help Canadians in this economic hard time, but to further their own lust for power and their political agenda. Harper saw though this and had the Governor General prorogue parliament. As soon as parliament was suspended, the Liberals tossed out Dion, showing that they did not really think he would make a good Prime Minister. The coalition is already falling apart with Ignatieff at the helm, showing Canadians it never had a strong foundation.


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