NHL coming to Hamilton? Won’t happen

Recently in the Hamilton Spectator, there was on article on the chance that Hamilton might have an NHL team. Well, half of one, apparently Jim Balsille might buy half of the Buffalo Sabres,  they would then come north to play half their games.  I’m not a expert on the NHL (the only time I follow it is during the playoffs, and even when I do that its because of my patriotism not my love for the NHL, I just don’t want to see an American team win a cup started by a Canadian).  Anyway I think it will not happen because we went through this all last year, and a few years before, and before that, and before that,and before that, and be……….  You should get the point now.  So, while I would not mind having a Hamilton team, I do not expect it to happen.


2 thoughts on “NHL coming to Hamilton? Won’t happen

  1. The saying goes… if you don’t at first succeed try, try a few years later, a few after that, and the next year if need be…… . you should get the point now. So, while I would not like a Hamilton team, I admire Balsillie’s tenacity. Maybe the blackberry didn’t work the first time either. =:-)

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