Why Bob Rae dropped out of the Liberal leadership race


Today (9/12/08) Rae dropped out of the leadership race.  I think he did this because he was forced to, not because he wanted to.  Even if Rae had not dropped out, Ignatieff would have still become leader, democraticly elected or not.  If Rae had not dropped out, Liberals and Canadians in general would have been disgusted with the Liberals for not holding a proper leadership convention.  When Rae dropped out, it let Iggy become leader without the rest Liberals being disgruntled because they could not chose a leader.  After all they now can chose, only there’s just one option.  Maybe Rae also dropped out because he saw he wouldn’t win anyway.  For the Liberals, Rae’s drop out helps unify the party. It also ensures that the coalition can go forward (sadly) now that the leadership race (if it ever was one) is over.  Rae can now look forward to a cushy cabinet seat, apparently he wants the job as the Minster of Foreign Affairs (poor Canadians).

Now the question is will Iggy want to go forward with the coalition. My guess is, Yes ,he will.  Bob will be saying to him “I dropped out the race for you, now you can pay me a favour by giving me a cabinet job in the coalition.”


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